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The Hanasango is located in Nanjo city Tamagusuku Okinawa.
This Asian Garden is designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara, who received 8 times Golden Award of RHS Chelsea Flower Show in the United Kingdom(England). He says this Asian Garden is the most beautiful in Japan, especially in Okinawa so we are very proud of it.

You can see lots of beautiful Okinawan trees and flowers, healed by the flow and sound of a water fall, and enjoy a fancy meal which is used an edible herbs and flowers.


In Hanasango, we offer Lunch set menu included salad, soup and rice.

◆【set menu】Okinawan Yambaru Grilled Chicken (2,300 yen )
Chicken is steamed with original herb for more than 2 hours. We use original mushroom cream or wine vinegar onion sauce.
This set is included vegetables salad, soup and rice.

◆【set menu】White sauteed fish(2,500 yen)
We use Parrot fish which is called “Irabucha” in Okinawa, served with 2 original sauces and it taste good.
This set is included vegetables salad, soup and rice.

◆【set menu】Australian Beef Grilled Steak(2,800 yen)
Beef has been dry-aged for 3 days so it is fleshy without excess fat. We use original red wine sauce and you can enjoy it with 4 kinds of salt and pepper.
This set is included vegetables salad, soup and rice.

Admission is free so if you have time please visit our restaurant.
We sure you can enjoy and amazed at the beautiful garden and fancy food.

Manager: Jose Maria Okudaira



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